Presentation by Simon King at Rutland Water

                  for the British Birds Journal 2011 Photograph of the Year Award

"Kingfisher catching fish"


Welcome to my Website.

My name is Peter Preece and I am a Wildlife Photographer. I hope you enjoy slowly browsing through the images shown which I hope to add to and update on a regular basis.

For many years both myself and my wife Margaret have belonged to local Photographic Societies, including Smethwick, Solihull, Droitwich and our local club, Cookhill and Studley. We are both retired and spend a lot of time travelling around the U.K. and Europe photographing everything we find, from insects to animals.

Over the last 12 years we have visited about 900 venues where Peter has shown his illustrated talks to Natural History Societies, Photographic Societies, W.I.'s, Probus Clubs and other organisations interested in Wildlife. A lot of our photography is done from hides situated in areas where we attract in birds such as jay, buzzard, nuthatch etc. and are based in Warwickshire close to where we live. These hides are baited up every two days to set up feeding stations which have produced many successful images in national and international exhibitions for both ourselves and people who have been invited to these hides.

For further details please contact:

Peter Preece

Wildlife Photographer

5 Orchard Way, Studley, Warwickshire, B80 7NZ

Tel: 01527 853444



The images on the following pages though all of a low resolution, are nevertheless covered by the copyright law and must not be downloaded without the permission of the owners, Peter and Margaret Preece.